An oasis in the heart of Madrid

An extraordinary place to enjoy summer evenings outdoors living music in nature. Discover the magic of the Noches del Botánico at the Real Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII of the Complutense University of Madrid.
Person seated on a hammock in the resting area of jardín botánico during Noches del Botánico.

Living the Noches del Botánico

The magic happens when the doors of our garden open at 7pm for you to enjoy a unique experience.

Moments to feel more

Enter and discover a show that welcomes you in the middle of an intimate stage covered by the shade of the trees, so the night lights up to go and give it all with your favourite artist.

Tranquillity in the open air

Read a book, relax in the hammocks, feel the fresh grass under your feet, have a quiet conversation with your friends or enjoy a cold drink while watching the sunset. You choose what makes you happiest at Noches del Botánico.

Woman from the Noches del Botánico team during the festival.

Always looking out for you

You are our priority, that's why we have prepared the venue with your safety in mind, taking care of every detail so that you have an unforgettable experience.

We adapt

We have provided washbasins and gel dispensers throughout the venue for you to keep your hands clean. There are also a number of large, clean toilets available for when you need them.

Safe nights

We are working to bring you Safe Nights. The time has come to meet and enjoy together again without losing sight of the care and protection of all. Find out about the measures taken to tackle COVID19.

Instant medical assistance

Toilets are always a few steps away from you. In case you need it, look for the cross or contact our staff. At Noches del Botánico you are in good hands.

Photo of singer on stage with lights during Noches del Botánico.

Concerts with magic

An unforgettable experience is made up of a myriad of emotions and our mission is that you can live them to the fullest.

Accessible to all

We have adapted our venue so that everyone, without exception, can enjoy the best music. Ramps, comfortable areas, handrails, preferential and exclusive seats so that people with reduced mobility can be with their companion. In addition to an attentive and willing staff for any requirement.

Come and enjoy with your family and friends

As parents we always want to share with our children the best moments in a safe environment. Enjoying a concert for everyone means that all children, regardless of their age, will have access to the venue. Children under 5 years old can enter without a ticket, as long as they do not occupy a seat. From 6 years of age onwards, they must have their own ticket and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian if they are under 16 years of age.

Woman waiting to be served at the red food truck during Noches del Botánico.

Treats for your palate

Let yourself be pampered with the best food and drinks so that you lack nothing.

Keep your rhythm, celebrate summer

It is the ideal moment to toast with your partner or friends with cocktails prepared by professional bartenders.

Heat antidotes

You deserve to always enjoy the best selection of drinks for your summer evenings. That's why we have set up bars throughout the entire venue. Beers, summer reds, sugary drinks or drinks. You choose the perfect accompaniment.

Energy for the body

El Rincón Mexicano
Artisan cuisine with all the flavours of Mexico, 100% natural.

Pizza for Jazz
kneaded by hand, one by one, selecting for you the best natural ingredients. With a wide variety of traditional and innovative flavours.

R&B Food
The best burgers and hot dogs, made with top quality ingredients.

Mediterranean cuisine
For lovers of local cuisine, with the best Iberian cured meats and the most delicious cheeses.

La creperie
Sweet and savoury crepes and great vegetarian options.

Canal crossing bridge in the botanical garden at Noches del Botánico.

Social commitment

Help us to continue being a socially and environmentally committed festival.

Believe in order to create

We are convinced that social commitment and environmental commitment complement each other. It's easy to talk the talk, but it's not so easy to walk the walk. That is why we turn every sentence into an action that together we can easily carry out. Together we can contribute to leave a better planet than the one we have found and with your help we can continue to be the most sustainable and environmentally committed festival in the Iberian Peninsula. Find out how by believing in a better world we are inspired to create a conscious festival and what actions you can get involved with.

A person looking at the products at the flea market during Noches del Botánico.

Art and artists, DNA Noches del Botánico

Undoubtedly our greatest passion is culture. The musicians, the creators, those who capture their heart and share it with us in different ways. Noches del Botánico is a space for artists and artisans to expose their greatest talent.

Encanto Market

Undoubtedly our greatest passion is culture. The musicians, the creators, those who capture their heart and share it with us in different ways. Noches del Botánico is a space for artists and artisans to expose their greatest talent, creative and enterprising artisans invite us to enjoy the charm of their designer accessories, fashion, jewelry, art, decoration and cosmetics.

Dress as a fan

We love music and we are made of those songs that make us vibrate in every concert. Get the best clothes, records and posters signed by your favourite artist. Take also a souvenir of the best nights of the summer where you have lived unforgettable moments.