120,000 thanks for a historic edition!

An attendee during the sixth edition of Noches del Botánico
Christian Hors
An audience member draws a heart with his hands during a performance of Noches del Botánico 2022.
Noches del Botánico

We bid farewell to our sixth edition with more than 120,000 tickets sold and 20 sold out. Given this milestone, we can only thank you for making the most complete and lasting delivery of Noches del Botánico an unprecedented success. 

Another summer collecting unique moments in a Jardín Botánico of the Complutense University of Madrid, increasingly prepared and oriented to offer a unique experience. Around 80 artists, from more than twenty styles, have delighted us in what has been the most eclectic and extensive musical event in the Spanish capital during the summer season. 

A total of 47 concerts traveling through all the sounds of the world without leaving our oasis of culture in the heart of Madrid. 47 nights living the awaited presentation of The Smile, dancing to the rhythm of the incombustible Tom Jones, Patti Smith, Zucchero or Madness, and getting excited with the moaning and the feeling of Israel Fernández, Pablo Alborán or Estrella Morente. 47 dates where we have witnessed how the magic of nature has embraced both great jazz legends such as Pat Metheny, Chucho Valdés, Paquito D'Rivera or Herbie Hancock, as well as the new emerging talents of the most avant-garde scene.

Concerts that we have enjoyed in the purest style Noches del Botánico, relaxing in the extensive green areas, discovering the new musical proposals in the Alhambra Moments Zone or indulging in a tasty treat before the first chords began to sound on the main stage. 

Two attendees enjoy the relaxation areas of the site Photo: Fer González

We are already working on the planning of our seventh edition, with the desire and enthusiasm to continue improving and innovating to continue making Noches del Botánico a unique space where music can be experienced in a unique and differential way.

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