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40 years of five legendary songs that have been played at our festival

Elvis Costello in Noches del Botánico
Elvis Costello & The Atracttions on the stage of Noches del Botánico
Jorge Fuembuena
Juan Carlos Moreno

Who would have thought that the developers of the extinct ARPANET (the predecessor of the INTERNET), or the person who made the first cell phone call, would have seen what was to come from that distant 1983 to the present day! These two events were a great revolution in the world of technology and information transmission, to the point that the UN designated this year as the World Communications Year.

The third chapter of the dreamed decade of the 80's also left us with a great musical memory. Many of the songs that were released during that year have been present on our stage throughout these six editions. So, we have chosen five songs that, for sure, will take you back to that memory that you will never be able to erase from your head. Noches del Botánico that you will never be able to erase from your mind. 

Kraftwerk - Tour de France

Kraftwerk on Noches del Botánico 2018 Photo: Jorge Fuembuena

The Germans landed at the Jardín Botánico of the Complutense University of Madrid in the summer of 2018. It was the second performance of our third edition and the fathers of electronic music did not disappoint with their hieratic staging and a set-list where one could not miss Tour de France.

The single, released in August 1983, was the penultimate track of his presentation in Noches del Botánico. A peculiar track, since the treatment of synthesizers, loops and modulars pretends to imitate the mechanical sounds derived from bicycles and breathing. Even so, the single of Kraftwerk maintains those characteristic melodies of the Techno Pop that so much popularized with previous works as Machine Man.

Originally, the song had two versions, one in German and one in French. Nowadays, 40 years after its publication, we can find several remixes of the song. remixes and remasterings of the song.

Elvis Costello - Everyday I Write The Book

Is it possible to have a brighter start to a festival than ours at Noches del Botánico 2018? Difficult if it is Elvis Costello and his inseparable The Attractions who are on the boards. And the British singer and songwriter didn't leave any of his great classics behind, including Everyday I Write The Booka mythical song included in the album Punch The Clockwhich is now four decades old.

Alaska y Dinarama - Bloody Pearls

A hymn of the movida madrileña that Fangoria has been responsible for interpreting on our stage on up to two occasions. It is common to find winks from Alaska and Nacho Canut to their old formations during the more than two hours of show they offer. Perlas Ensangrentadas is a song composed by the late Carlos Berlanga and Canut, taken from Alaska y Dinarama 's first debut album, Profane Songs

UB 40 - Please, Don't Make My Cry

The British UB40 could not be missing in this list. The year 1983 was a year of exorbitant success for the reggae group, since they released Labor of Lovewas released, one of the most recognized works of their entire career. This LP contained two of the versions of the mythical Neil Diamond, Red Red Wine y Please, Don't Make My Crywhich in turn became two of the most recognizable creations for the Birmingham band.

Although the first one had a considerable impact on the charts, it was not performed by the band during the second edition of our festival. If they did it with Please, Don't Make My Crythe number 8 of the set-list that we remember here.

Miguel Ríos - On the Border

Miguel Ríos during his performance at Noches del Botánico 2021 Photo: Víctor Moreno

With a more acoustic and intimate format, Miguel Ríos performed in the fifth anniversary of Noches del Botánico. Of course, the rock in another summer night in Madrid was not going to be missing, although this time it was going to be dressed with violin, piano and acoustic guitar. Accompanied by José Nortes on the six strings and backing vocals, they played La Fronteraa song that calls for love and peace while asking for a world free of barriers. And this song, included in the album El Rock de Una Noche de Verano, took on a different meaning in a month of July marked by pandemic restrictions. A hymn that, although not exactly of joy, celebrates 40 years on our turntables and players.

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