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Ana Torroja, among this summer's must-see musical events

Ana Torroja in Noches del Botánico
Ana Torroja
Juan Carlos Moreno

Ana Torroja or, better said, the voice of pop at español. It was in those wonderful 80's when together with Nacho and Jose Maria formed Mecano, a group that with their hits managed to sneak into the first parties, hangovers and love idylls of several generations. Hits that, to this day, are still a good reason to go out to the dance floor as if there was no tomorrow.


After the separation of Mecano, Ana continued with her solo career achieving a significant number of successes. Now she presents the Volver tour, a review of the distinguished work of the national pop diva that arrives this July at Noches del Botánico. Although you will surely recognize most of her hits, here are some of the songs you should not miss in her energetic live show.

Hour and a quarter


Alaska is the guest of honour in the latest hit by the vocalist from Madrid.




Powerful theme that invites to enjoy life with positivism and joy.


Love Hurts


Brilliant collaboration with singer-songwriter Aleks Syntek on a song for posterity.


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