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Danna premieres 'CHILDSTAR': the album that she will present live at Noches del Botánico

Danna at Noches del Botánico 2023
Rafael Arroyo
Noches del Botánico

Danna's 'CHILDSTAR' is out now, an album characterized by the audacity with which she explores new facets of her artistic identity. With a production that narrates a weekend of debauchery, 'CHILDSTAR' dives into partying, sex, alcohol and an endless fantasy. A musical odyssey where night and darkness dominate, proposing an escape from reality to find light and freedom along the way.

The title track, "ATARI", is an ode to pop that explores the most intimate desires in a playful and metaphorical way. The song starts with vibrant synth pop rhythms that gradually give way to a sensual reggaeton beat, demonstrating Danna's versatility as an artist. On the other hand, "AMANECER", closes the album on a hopeful note. The song exudes tranquility with a soft voice that guides listeners towards a new dawn, accompanied by beats that capture the beauty of the first hours of the day.

In Danna's own words, "CHILDSTAR" represents a turning point in her budding career: "I left behind the mold created by others and took control of my art, boldly claiming my stage name and defining my sound." The new release also sets the stage for the "DANNA L!VE" tour that will take place throughout 2024, where Danna aims to strengthen the connection with her fans through energetic and personal performances.

One of these highly anticipated concerts is the June 22nd concert at Noches del Botánico. Attendees will be able to enjoy not only Danna's greatest hits, but also the vibrant new songs of "CHILDSTAR", in what will be her second performance in our country.

You can get your tickets for Danna at Noches del Botánico here!

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