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From the jazz of Pat Metheny to the bachata of Prince Royce

Pat Metheny Noches del Botánico 2022
Pat Metheny performing 'Bright Size Life' at Noches del Botánico 2022
Victor Moreno
Juan Carlos Moreno

We can affirm that the best memory of Pat Metheny 's concert will always be in our minds. Minutes before the famous guitarist jumped onto our stage, to the sound of rapid arpeggios, a warning was given over the loudspeaker that recording with mobile phones would not be allowed. Once reminded of this, out with the technology and let yourself be carried away by the talent of Metheny, who once again performed, in the eyes of nature, gems such as "Bright Size Life". The man from Missouri was accompanied by a very young Fisherman on keyboards and Joe Dyson on drums.

A tribute program to the figure of the guitar, since hours before the master of the six strings, Gon Navarro, showed his enormous mastery of the instrument, accompanied by an exceptional trio, on the stage of the Alhambra Moments Zone.

Patti Smith continues to have a lot, but that

a lot of, 'power

The next chapter of our sixth installment would be written by the godmother of punk. Undoubtedly, another of the most awaited dates in the first month of Noches del Botánico that started with the folk of Young Forest. A splendid evening, where we were astonished to witness one of the most welcoming sunsets of the Madrid summer. All of this, with Patti Smith herself on our stage, showing the charisma she has always had inside and leaving some slogans for posterity. She said goodbye in style with "People Have The Power" and more than 4000 souls in the auditorium.

90 minutes with India Martinez and extra time with

León Benavente and Madness

Jairo de Remache at Zona Momentos Alhambra Photo: Fernando González

And from Patti's Monday to India Martinez's Tuesday, a concert that we will remember for the dozens of magical episodes that happened in the same night. A live proposal of hand, a dedicated India with her followers on the dance floor and a show in which we would stay to live about 90 minutes more, as the title of her tour says. Jairo de Remache made us vibrate hours before with a proposal of flamenco fusion of the most unique.

Abraham Boba de León Benavente Photo: Fernando González

A day later we would live the first live performance of the new super-band formed by Los Estanques and Anni B Sweet. Both artists came to our stage ready to make the audience go crazy with the songs from their first album 'Burbuja cómoda y Elefante inesperado'. After impregnating the garden with evocative atmospheres and melodies, the Madrilenians and the girl from Malaga gave way to León Benavente, who rounded off an apotheosis night in front of the brigades of the capital.

Madness on stage at Noches del Botánico Photo: Victor Moreno


The week continued its course and with hardly any respite we received again the always fun, Madness. What a good time saxophonist Lee Thompson gave us, dedicated from the first minute without ceasing to interact with an audience that was living in a constant party. The British had us jumping for more than two hours to the rhythm of their unforgettable "Our House" or "One Step Beyond".

To Prince Royce's concert, with the lesson


Bachata Personal teaching a class in the Alhambra Moments Zone Photo: Fernando González

And if Madness had us bouncing throughout the concert, Prince Royce gave us no respite with bachata. The Dominican musical genre was the protagonist of a day that started in the Alhambra Moments Zone with Bachata Personal, the school in charge of getting us in tune to, hours later, give it all in the auditorium. And boy, did we give it all! Three little steps there, three little steps here... while we sang "Yo solo quiero darte un beso...".

Prince Royce greeting the public in Madrid Photo: Fernando González

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