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The day 3D came to Noches del Botánico

Spectators wearing 3D glasses during the Kraftwerk concert at Noches del Botánico 2018.
Spectators wearing 3D glasses during the Kraftwerk concert at Noches del Botánico 2018.
Jorge Fuembuena
Noches del Botánico

3D has changed the way we all conceive images, video, geometric shapes or any other type of objects that are projected on a surface. This technology allows the viewer to integrate into the space of what is being visualized, achieving a different experience to what has been known so far. We know that cinema is the industry that has exploited the 3D universe the most, but... What about concerts?

Today is the International 3D Day and we have decided to travel to the futuristic past to remember the multidimensional concert of Kraftwerk in the second edition of Noches del Botánico

A concert of another dimension 

Kraftwerk performing 'Numbers' in front of a packed botánico Photo: Jorge Fuembuena

The show offered by the German quartet in our little natural heart remains, to this day, one of the most iconic and differential in the history of the cycle. Especially for the surprising 3D proposal they presented for their European tour, which had Noches del Botánico as the only date in our country. 

All the audience that crossed the doors of Jardín Botánico of the Complutense University of Madrid did it with the classic red and blue translucent paper glasses. Around 22:00 h, the auditorium was already completely packed. Nobody wanted to miss the staging that the fathers of electronic music had prepared for this special event.

A few minutes later, Ralph, Fritz, Falk and Henning burst onto our stage in uniform, with that robotic pose and movements that have always characterized them. Numbers' was the song chosen to open this eclectic and modular show that would take us to another dimension for more than two hours and where, of course, would not miss great classics of the band as 'The Model', 'Neon Lights' or 'The Robots'.

The ducks, the plants and the lushness of the garden moved to the rhythm of the recognizable beats, synthesizers and sequencers that turned so many discos upside down in the 70s and 80s. The futuristic visuals, typical of dystopian realities, did not stop happening while the more than 3000 attendees watched perplexed the huge screen that was behind the backs of the four protagonists.

After a triple BIS with 'Boing Boom Tschak, 'Techno Pop' and 'Musique Non Stop', Kraftwerk left the stage while the thousands of spectators were removing the 3D glasses that had accompanied them throughout their stay in the enclosure. These 3D glasses were undoubtedly the main protagonists of a concert of another dimension.

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