Noches del Botánico adds a new national award nomination!

The Spanish Academy of Music has announced the artists and musical events nominated in the first edition of its awards.

Scenario of Noches del Botánico in the 2023 edition.
Auditorium of Noches del Botánico during Chris Isaak's performance.
Fer Gonzalez
Noches del Botánico

The nominees for the first Spanish Music Academy Awards have been announced. The awards, which will be presented the first week of May at the WiZink Center in Madrid, include a total of 48 categories covering all areas of the music industry, including 'Best Music Event'.

It is in this section where Noches del Botánico will opt for recognition as the best concert series in the country. Sonorama Ribera, Cooltural Fest, Inverfest or Boombastic are other festivals that aspire to the award in this first edition of the national awards, which have had 2,629 nominations until the deadline, set last February 18.

More than 800 members of the academy will decide the winners in each of the categories, with the final date for voting being April 15. With this nomination, Noches del Botánico achieves a new nomination in this 2024 in addition to those already achieved in the Iberian and European Festival Awards.

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