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Noches del Botánico and the Complutense University of Madrid join forces to prevent COVID-19

Secure Restoration Zone
Victor Moreno
Our catering area in a secure space
Botanic Nights

Our staff who attend to the public, technical staff, etc... are monitored by means of the innovative PCR tests integrated in the COVID-LOT Project, a technique developed in the Faculty of Biology of the Complutense University with the university's own resources, where the Genomics Unit analyses the possible COVID infectivity by means of real-time PCR applied to saliva samples.

The COVID-LOT initiative is an interdisciplinary project developed through the coordination of several complementary research areas of the university. Samples are analysed and monitored on a regular basis, where PCR detection of the presence of virus in batch samples is the basis of the project

With this initiative, the Complutense University, together with the Noches del Botánico festival, aims to make every effort to keep this wonderful space in the Botanical Garden open to culture and music, in a controlled and as safe way as possible. At the same time, we continue to apply all the preventive measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, extending the recreation and catering areas, and reducing the capacity of the concert area in order to maintain the minimum safety distance established.

We want you to enjoy our concert nights in the safest way for you and those around you. Help us to achieve this with your responsibility and collaboration.

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