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A 'Spectacular' start

Fangoria concert in Noches del Botánico
Fangoria during their performance at Noches del Botánico 2022
Victor Moreno
Juan Carlos Moreno

We couldn't have titled it any other way, if Fangoria were the ones in charge of opening the most complete delivery in the history of our cycle. Alaska and Nacho Canut, accompanied by their faithful squires the Nancys Rubias, returned to our little natural corner ready to make the hips of the more than 4,000 people who once again set foot on Complutense soil on the opening evening of the festival shake. An evening that literally went on wheels. And I'm sure you haven't forgotten the unique and fun show offered by La Dinamo, before Mario Vaquerizo started telling us that "it hurts his heart to love us so much".

The Dynamo performing in the streets of Real Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII Photo: Fernando Gonzalez

The Catalan band distilled high doses of funk as they cycled in curious cycles through all areas of the venue. In the Alhambra Moments Zone it was time to stop, and not just to play. The whole audience began to congregate in the renowned space of our garden, once the musicians of La Dinamo decided to step on solid ground to continue with their wide and varied repertoire.


The time was finally approaching. After a magical fifth anniversary, but exceptional for what we all already know, our dance floor was freed from the chairs and distances to populate again with attendees determined to live the experience to the fullest, always respecting the privileged environment that surrounds us. The Nancys Rubias, who for the second year in a row raised the botanical public to the sound of hits such as "Me da igual, me encanta" or "Peluquitas".

Once the sun had gone down, it was time to begin the ritual of pop existentialism to which Fangoria have accustomed us. Smoke, lasers and incessant lighting to welcome Alaska and all her cast, before the first synthesizers of "Momentismo Absoluto" began to sound. Living minute by minute and leaving the future behind, Fangoria delighted us with one hit after another. There was no shortage of classics such as "Ni tú ni nadie", "A quién le importa" or the greatest hits of Alaska and Canut's previous groups such as "Perlas Ensangrentadas" or "Bailando". After an amazing first night, it was time for a rest day before welcoming the weekend with Kiko Veneno and the Gipsy Kings.

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