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Rodrigo Cuevas receives the 'Premio de las Músicas Actuales 2023'.

Rodrigo Cuevas acting in Noches del Botánico
Rodrigo Cuevas seated on the edge of the stage during his performance at Noches del Botánico
Fer Gonzalez
Noches del Botánico

The Ministry of Culture has awarded Rodrigo Cuevas the Prize for Contemporary Music 2023 for the uniqueness of his work, by uniting in a personal and vindicating way Asturian folklore with the sound motifs of contemporary music. The award, which caught the Oviedo artist by surprise, comes two weeks after the presentation of his new work 'Manual de Romería' (2023). Several tracks from this LP were part of the tour 'La Romería', which last July came to Oviedo. Noches del BotánicoRodrigo is a unique phenomenon in the culture of our country.

 Folklore with style, innovation and a great deal of humor. 

Rodrigo Cuevas during his performance at Noches del Botánico 2023 Photo: Fer González

"This is how I want to see you voting on Sunday too" commented the Asturian creator to the audience in Madrid in the last bars of his concert in Madrid. No one can deny that 'La Romería Botánica' was full of small doses of Rodrigo's humor, which gave the show a style of its own that shines for its multiple synergies in terms of musical styles.

And the show of the recently awarded by the Ministry of Culture, rides between the Asturian and the español, perfectly combining folklore with electronics on a stage characterized by the absence of structures and other ornamental motifs typical of massive productions. Percussion, guitar, synthesizer and a quartet of dancers to accompany a Rodrigo who enchants with a priceless repertoire of interpretative resources on the stage.

From the surprise appearance in the audience to the attention to detail in the costumes, the 'Romería' in our little natural corner was full of constant dynamism. Something that also happens in his songs and, more importantly, the message that permeates them. A perspective of seeing society and the world that has led him to achieve other relevant awards such as Best World Music Album and Best Emerging Artist at the MIN Awards (2019) or the Arcoíris Award from the Ministry of Equality (2022).

To this string of awards, Rodrigo now adds the 'Premio de las Músicas Actuales' to continue shouting out loud that the folklore of our land is more alive and updated than ever. May the Romería continue!

Listen to 'Manual de Romería' by Rodrigo Cuevas here

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