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'This Life': The new album that Take That will perform live at. Noches del Botánico

Band releases album six years after Wonderland, their last studio release

Take That in Noches del Botánico
Take That
Noches del Botánico

By now, it is a reality that music is one of the main sources of emotions in our daily lives, to the point of taking on therapeutic connotations. Usually, this practice is usually associated with that potential audience that we can call 'music listeners', but... What happens when this therapeutic and healing power occurs within a band?

For what happens is the genesis of unique creations like this 'This Life' that Take That release today. An 'LP' with 12 tracks that mean more than just an album.'This Life' is a hymn to friendship, to reunion, to the love of three friends who once again feel the energy of doing what fills them most in this world. "It was about that feeling, getting back together as a band, and going out into the world again," explains Gary Barlow, while Howard Donald adds, "This Life has that feeling of spreading your wings, letting out the old and bringing in the new."

A record that started at the beginning of the year

Cover of 'This Life', the new album by Take That


It is undeniable that this feeling is embodied from the moment 'Keep Your Head Up' begins to sound , a first vehement and deep cut that leads into a heavenly chorus where the voices of Gary, Howard and Mark blend perfectly. An overture that is the true reflection of a work where the band is musically more self-confident. With nods to Hall & Oates, Supertramp, Wings, Elton John, The Eagles, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Take That have wanted to give the vocals the importance they deserve, with beautiful melodies, soaring choruses and sophisticated harmonies that perfectly match the trio's voices.

 "A lot of this record is about supporting each other and feeling more secure with each other" Gary Barlow.

Recording began earlier this year at Nashville's historic RCA Studios A with 9-time Grammy winner Dave Cobb (Lady Gaga, Barry Gibb, Brandi Carlisle) and wrapped up in New York, moving through Savannah, Los Angeles, London and Barcelona with Jennifer Decilveo (Hozier, Miley Cyrus) also on production duties. 

From Windows to The Champions: A swing of emotions

Windows, the first song to be released from the album, hinted at the musicality of the new record and what was to come from the trio. "It sounded beautiful, fresh and exciting, similar to 'Patience,' it seemed like a great track to come back with," says Mark. With soaring harmonies that intertwine seamlessly, the song tells the story of coming out of the darkness into the light, creating an uplifting tapestry of sound.

On the title track, This Life, the band contemplates the twists, turns and adventures of life, along with a vibrant, upbeat, piano-driven melody written after Gary's son graduated from college. "That's when we realized he wasn't a kid anymore." Building on that, March Of The Hopeful is about ever-changing relationships, while One More Word was written with Howard imagining the delivery of his daughter on her wedding day.  

As jubilant as This Life is, it's also peppered with moments of loss. "'The Champion' is about aging, the things we've gone through mentally and the various ups and downs that come with being a human being on this planet," says Owen.

Everything you need to know about your concert at Noches del Botánico

After more than 30 years of career, it is not bold to say that Take That have a priceless list of hits with great classics like 'Patience', 'Could It Be Magic' or 'Good For One'. Surely these will have their place, along with this newly released 'This Life' in the show they will offer in our concert series on July 17, 2024.

At the moment, tickets are not available, but we will announce the exact date and time of the on-sale date and time in the next few days. If you have subscribed to the 'Notify me' section of our website, you will receive an e-mail with all the information before the tickets go on sale. We take this opportunity to tell you that this e-mail will serve as a reminder with the date and time of the on-sale date, but it will not contain any link to purchase tickets. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do it here

If for some reason you have purchased tickets for this concert on other sites, we regret to inform you that they are not valid. This concert is not yet on sale and we can guarantee that until it is, the day and exact time of release for sale, there can not be any ticket issued on the performance of Take That in Noches del Botánico. Remember that the only official sales platforms are our website and the sales channels of El Corte Inglés.

See you on July 17 in our little oasis!

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