Urbaser and Noches del Botánico join forces to consolidate the festival as the most sustainable of the peninsula in 2024.

- Urbaser, the event's new Official Sustainability Partner, will reinforce Noches del Botánico 's commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.

Urbaser and Noches del Botánico, new alliance for sustainability
Urbaser and Noches del Botánico
Noches del Botánico

Next June 4 begins one of the most acclaimed festivals in Madrid, Noches del Botánico. A total of 54 dates until July 31 during which more than 80 artists of different musical genres will participate.


The festival, awarded on previous occasions as the most sustainable festival in the peninsula, has found in Urbaser a key ally to continue affirming its commitment to sustainability in this new edition. "We can't imagine any other festival than the Noches del Botánico to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability, in this case, of the cultural sector. It is a strategic alliance because both organizations are aligned in our values and in the purpose of caring for the planet and generating positive impact on society. We are delighted to promote sustainability in an event as special as Noches del Botánico", says Natalia Llopis, Urbaser's Communication Manager.


Once again this year, the Jardín Botánico of the Complutense University of Madrid will be the venue for this series of concerts that offers a unique environment, making spectators participate in a space that is cared for and respectful of the environment. Urbaser's collaboration will be key to raise awareness about responsible and sustainable culture through awareness-raising spots before each concert. They will also distribute a sustainability kit for attendees who travel to the festival in a sustainable way, will vinyl the containers of the enclosure with messages that encourage the proper separation of waste, and will include sustainability tips in the mailing campaigns.


"We are especially excited to have Urbaser as a sponsor of this new edition because it is a company that applies sustainability and circular economy by example. It will be an important alliance for Noches del Botánico to continue to be a benchmark in sustainability and commitment to the environment", acknowledges Ramón Martín, Co-Director of Noches del Botánico.


In 2023, Noches del Botánico gathered more than 170,000 attendees and 6 million visits to its website. The forecasts for this eighth edition are higher and, with a lineup full of national and international artists, they have established themselves as a unique festival for the plurality of artistic expressions and a reference for the enjoyment of green areas during the next two months in Madrid.

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