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We celebrate the Day of Music with a fourth date of Love of Lesbian

The musical group Love Of Lesbian playing their third concert at Noches del Botánico
Victor Moreno
Third stop of Love of Lesbian's Epic Journey Towards Nothingness at Noches del Botánico
Juan Carlos Moreno

Music makes us feel, enjoy, connect... it makes us get excited and bring out the best of our smiles at the same time. Today at Noches del Botánico we celebrate this important date with a new performance by Love of Lesbian, thus closing an Epic Journey Towards Nothingness with four stops to remember.

A journey, led by Santi Balmes, where there is room for sensitivity, nostalgia and, above all, for those great songs that have taken an exemplary Madrid audience to those places where they used to shout not many months ago. Thanks to you, we have been able to plan on a safe and responsible culture.

In a few hours we return to receive you in our oasis commemorating, in style, the day of those who love this passion, this unique way of feeling, this way of savoring and squeezing the most of this vitamin called music. Undoubtedly, the ideal time to witness the successful take-off of Love of Lesbian of this fifth edition of Noches del Botánico.

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