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Crossing the pond without leaving our little oasis

The public of Noches del Botánico enjoying LP in this sixth edition of the event.
The audience at Noches del Botánico enjoying the LP concert in this sixth edition of the event
Victor Moreno
Juan Carlos Moreno

Surprisingly, we were already facing the last week of June and we were doing so with Tom Jones himself. The incombustible Welsh tiger left his mark on the land of Complutense with a masterful performance at 82 years of age. More than two hours of concert with his greatest hits "Sex Bomb", "It's not an unusual" or "If a only knew", adapted to a more blues and soft rock style.

Tom Jones during his concert at Noches del Botánico 2022 Photo: Víctor Moreno

Wilco and LP: Communion with the more than 4,000

spectators present at the botanical

Then came the two consecutive nights of Wilco, with a Nels Cline fully recovered from the COVID-19 and plugged to the maximum to dazzle an audience in complete communion with the American band. And a "Monday" is more 'Monday' if it is Jeff Tweddy who is on stage giving off that good vibe that only he is able to spread through his lyrics and melodies. A good vibe that was also transmitted by Rosario 'La Tremendita', who opened the two evenings with her songs impregnated with sound and stylistic concerns that integrate perfectly with the most traditional flamenco.


Two days to end the month and we finally received LP, still with the memory of her last appearance in Noches del Botánico 2019 present. If you were there that unforgettable night, surely you have repeated in this new date where Laura has left us speechless again. The end with the whole botanical singing the chorus of "Lost On You" remains as one of the brilliant chapters for the history of this festival.

An Argentina - Brazil to close our first

month of concerts


With Marisa Monte and Gustavo Santaolalla we had to say goodbye to this month of June that has left behind unrepeatable moments. From early afternoon, the always successful DJ Juan Melov helped us to cross the pond without moving from the botanical garden, with an exquisite and varied selection of Argentine-Brazilian music. 

Dj Juan Melov on the Alhambra stage Photo: Víctor Moreno

"It's so good that you came, Gustavo" to offer us a little piece of your brilliant musical career, which has taken shape in many albums and soundtracks. The ideal overture before welcoming Marisa Monte from Rio de Janeiro, who brought her 'Portas' tour to our cycle. Could we end our first month in a more special way than singing happy birthday to Marisa with more than 3000 attendees?

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