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The art of Rosario in Noches del Botánico

Rosario Flores in Noches del Botánico
Cover of Te lo digo todo y no te digo nada, Rosario's latest album.
Juan Carlos Moreno

It seemed so far away a few days ago... The desire to feel live music again was so immense that the feeling that this edition of Noches del Botánico has flown by at the speed of a breath is already a reality. We prepare to welcome the last week of programming with the show of Rosario Flores .


It could not be anyone else who would kick off the beginning of the end. Rosario's music perfectly defines the eclectic nature of this series of concerts. From the beginning, her songs have sailed through different genres and cultures to end up docking in the port of success and recognition. Antonio and Lolita's little sister has won numerous awards, including the Latin Grammy and the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts.


A whole career that will shine next Tuesday, from ten o'clock in the evening, on the stage that has given us so much joy during this summer of celebration. He will present to his hometown audience I tell you everything and I tell you nothing in a show that will surely remain engraved in the memory of those present.


If you don't want to be told about it, run to get your tickets, available at and El Botánico is waiting for you to write another musical chapter with Rosario Flores.

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