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Eliane Elias, winner of the Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album, at Noches del Botánico 2022

Eliane Elias on Noches del Botánico 2022
Eliane Elias
Juan Carlos Moreno

On July 7 we will have the immense pleasure of welcoming Eliane Elias, the recent winner of the Grammy for best Latin jazz album, to our oasis of culture. All this in a double bill with Chucho Valdés & Paquito de Rivera, in what promises to be an ode to instrumental majesty in one of the best jazz and fusion music recitals of the sixth edition of Noches del Botánico.


The Brazilian pianist will present at the Jardín Botánico of the Complutense University of Madrid the songs of Mirror Mirror (2021), the work that has earned her, once again, the highest award given by the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. It is no coincidence that Chucho Valdés and Eliane Elias coincide on the Madrid summer reference stage. The renowned Cuban musician has participated in several cuts of this latest work by Elias, which contains what can be considered the last instrumental flashes of the recently deceased Chick Corea.

"The title of the album is about two pianos, facing each other like a beautiful mirror image, and how in each duet we reflect each other's thoughts and ideas back and forth. For me, the piano is an extension of my body, heart and soul and is at the centre of everything I do".

This is how Eliane Elias defines the essence of Mirror Mirror, adding that she will always be proud and grateful to have collaborated with these two masters of music. The album features several jazz standards, as well as two compositions by Chick Corea and other renowned composers such as Armando Manzanera and Alejandro Sanz.

A unique recital that has the idiosyncrasy of Noches del Botánico engraved in fire. A date to get carried away with the virtuosity of Eliane Elías, Chucho Valdés and Paquito D' Rivera, while we remember the legend of Chick Corea and his brilliant passage through our concert series in 2019.

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