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The jazzy side of the fifth anniversary of Noches del Botánico that you can't miss

cecil mclorin salvant en noches del botánico
Jorge Fuembuena
Cecil McLorin Salvant in 2018 in. Noches del Botánico
Juan Carlos Moreno

Billy Cobham and Cécile McLorin Salvant represent two of the most attractive figures in the world of swing at the return of the Madrid festival.

If there is something that characterizes Noches del Botánico is the firm commitment to the jazz scene, both emerging and consolidated. Year after year, swing and bebop make their way into the renowned line-up of a festival that celebrates its fifth anniversary this summer, and what better way to celebrate a birthday than to the sound and rhythm of Billy Cobham's drums!

The renowned Panamanian-American percussionist is considered one of the fundamental figures of jazz fusion in recent decades. His groove, captured on a large number of albums, is a delight for all five senses. Moreover, his impeccable work in terms of the fusion of influences and styles, together with the enormous quality of the band that accompanies him, make his live show a spectacle not to be missed. Richard Bona and Alfredo Rodríguez will also be joining the party, fusing Cuban and Cameroonian music with jazz to take this genre to another dimension.

If Billy Cobham is the groove, Cécile McLorin Salvant is synonymous with delicacy, softness, elegance... as if it were the breeze that whispers the flora of the botanical garden. The talent of the young American vocalist is evident in all her creations and interpretations, those that take on a special and magical meaning when blended with the unique environment of the Jardín Botánico of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Cécile's concert will be preceded by a performance by the virtuoso pianist Tigran Hamasyan, whose work has earned him outstanding musical recognition in several countries around the world. Wynton Marsalis completes, in this cycle of concerts, the jazz triangle that mixes modernity with tradition and purity with fusion.

Tickets for these concerts can now be purchased at the official sales points, and It is important to buy tickets on authorised websites to avoid fraudulent websites and resale platforms.

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