Music and Nature: The Perfect Combination on World Relaxation Day

Couple at Noches del Botánico 2022
Fernando Gonzalez
A couple enjoys the moments before the concert in the recreation areas.
Juan Carlos Moreno

Today, August 15 is World Relaxation Day, a vital and indispensable practice for our physical and mental well-being. Among the multitude of stimuli that help the body to relax are music and nature, two of the main reasons that give life and meaning to Noches del Botánico. The chords, the melodies, the sunset among the trees, the aroma of the plants or the freshness given off by the lushness of Jardín Botánico of the Complutense University help us to reach this state of plenitude in the splendid summer evenings of the capital.


In our little oasis we are very fond of lying on the lawn and taking advantage of the moments before the concert to read, enjoy a good cocktail or simply close our eyes and let nature flood us with peace. Those sensations that a well cared for and sustainable environment brings us help to eliminate the stress caused by routine.


As Sandra Palacios comments in the article "Benefits of going to a concert: listening to live music can reduce your stress" in ABC Bienestar, music has the ability to change our emotional state. In this same excerpt, psychologist Ana Asensio states that music listened to live has relaxing effects that lead to a decrease in certain hormones such as cortisol.


Thus, enjoying a concert outdoors and surrounded by nature will have a positive impact on our physical and emotional well-being. positive impact on our physical and emotional well-being. (Sandra Palacios)


Numerous scientific studies support that live music has those healing characteristics that, together with the benefits provided by nature, end up creating a masterful formula, thus guaranteeing the maximum possible 'relaxation'. Let yourself go with the songs of the artists who have marked part of our lives and, in addition, do it under the watchful eye of hundreds of floral species, is one of the most enriching experiences for our body.

A person relaxes on the lawn before Nick Mason's concert Photo: Fernando González

Music and nature as a therapeutic recipe against sadness, stress and bad vibes. Therefore, we wish you a happy Relaxation Day and we hope to see you next summer to continue vibrating with healthy and environmentally friendly concerts.

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