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Three reasons why Woodkid will impress you

Cover of Woodkid's album 'S16'.
Cover of 'S16', the latest work by Woodkid
Juan Carlos Moreno

For more than ten years,Yoann Lemoine has been combining his professional skills to make Woodkid a great artistic pyramid. As a graphic designer, filmmaker and vocalist, they all come together in a musical project with a style and character that is unique in the world.

It is in the live performance where the French artist finishes giving meaning to his pharaonic work, showing a show that leaves you open-mouthed. After five years of waiting, he returns to the stage with two performances at Noches del Botánico. Madrid will be the first city in Europe to enjoy him live again, so here are three reasons why you will be amazed by his artistic display in the capital.

Get ready to travel

Woodkid manages to turn a simple performance into a journey through different artistic manifestations such as 3D recreation or chamber music. All this to end up with the sensation that you have attended more than one work at the same time, without moving from your seat.

Epic songs

The impressive and deep percussion of tracks such as Run Boy Run o Iron marks the way to an epic night, one of those that leave their mark.

Audiovisual spell

Lemoine's filmic creativity knows no bounds. In addition to developing his own music videos and audiovisual pieces for live performances, he has worked on the creations of other renowned artists such as Lana del Rey and Katy Perry.

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