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Andrés Suárez in Noches del Botánico
Andrés Suárez
Juan Carlos Moreno

Little by little we are approaching the end of the fifth edition of Noches del Botánico. Before Niña Pastori closes this edition to remember, we have several performances that seem unique, where we will live the essence of music in nature with great intensity.


Two of these dates correspond to those of Andrés Suárez. After more than a year and a half of waiting, the Galician singer-songwriter will turn the immensity of jardín botánico into those intimate and special cafes that have seen the growth of the best pop author of our country. The lyrics and melodies of the creator of Despiértame or Si la veis will be the protagonists of our penultimate and exciting weekend.


Isma Romero will be in charge of opening these two nights of ode to the singer-songwriter. The botanical public will enjoy first hand the young artist, who presents live La Leyenda, his latest work published to date.


A unique opportunity to enjoy the essence of the lyric made music, in one of the most exclusive atmospheres of the capital of Madrid. You still have time to experience Andrés Suárez and Isma Romero up close in this fifth anniversary show characterised by safety and exemplarity. Tickets are available at and Come and experience the music of your favourite artists like never before.  

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