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The day arrived to welcome Victor Manuel and Nando Agüeros.

Víctor Manuel and Nando Agüeros
Víctor Manuel and Nando Agüeros-
Juan Carlos Moreno

After four unforgettable shows, with Love of Lesbian, we return to the botanical garden to continue putting soundtrack to this summer of 2021. Tonight we welcome Victor Manuel himself, a legend of our music whose successes endorse a career at the height of very few.

More than fifty years have passed since the man from Mieres began to write these works of profound significance for several generations of listeners. Five decades of compositions that reach their maximum expression in Casi Nada Está en su Sitio, hislatest work with which he returns to the initial stages of his artistic life.

Nando Agüeros will be in charge of opening an evening, with the aroma of the Cantabrian Sea, where nothing should be left to improvisation. After so many months of waiting for live music... there is no storm that can resist us! In case of rain, we recommend that you bring a mackintosh to the event, as umbrellas are not allowed inside the venue. It is also important to bring a jacket or coat due to the sharp contrast in temperature when the sun goes down.

The Puerta de Alcalá will continue to watch time go by, although for a few moments it will turn its gaze towards the Jardín Botánico of the Complutense University. On this occasion, to observe closely how its great Asturian ally once again shines with its own light before the public of the capital.  

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